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Ways to Motivate Employees Essay

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Ways to Motivate Employees

When it comes to motivating employees in the work place today there are several ways you can get them motivated and majority of them are absolutely free. Motivating employees helps build morale in the workplace and helps increase productivity. Finding out what works best for each employee can be the biggest challenge when trying to motivate your employees. By showing your appreciation for employees and praising them when they complete a task or finish in a timely manner can help build their morale and will make them want to continue doing a great job.
Motivation is the process by which a person’s efforts are energized, directed, and sustained toward attaining a goal. The key elements in motivating someone are energy, direction, and persistence. The energy is a measure of intensity, drive, and vigor that a motivated person puts forth effort and hard work. Having high levels of effort doesn’t necessarily mean a favorable job performance unless the effort is channeled in a direction that can benefit the organization. Companies want employees to be persistent in putting forth effort to achieve their goals. If an employee is motivated one day out of the week then they aren’t being consistent or persistent. Motivating high levels of employee’s performance in an important organizational concern and managers are looking for ways to keep them motivated.
Recognizing an employee when they do a great job is good for their morale at work and can motivate them to keep doing good work so they will hear words of encouragement. In today’s times managers are not giving or receiving a lot of recognition and when a manager isn’t being recognized then they will not want to recognize their employees when they do a good job. No matter what level of management, recognizing employees and managers should become a habit. Praising an employee promptly for their accomplishment or achievement is the best way to make them feel appreciated. When an employee or...

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