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Water Diseases Essay

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The 21st century will open with one of the most fundamental conditions of human development unmet universal access to basic water services. More than a billion people in the developing world lack safe drinking water that those in the developed world take for granted. Nearly three billion people live without access to adequate sanitation systems necessary to reduce exposure to water-related diseases. The failure of the international aid community, nations, and local organizations to satisfy these basic human needs has led to substantial, unnecessary, and preventable human suffering1. An estimated 14 to 30 thousand people, mostly young children and the elderly, die every day from water-related diseases. At any given moment, approximately one-half of the people in the developing world suffer from disease caused by drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food2.
Waterborne diseases arise from the contamination of water, either by pathogenic viruses, bacteria or protozoa or by chemical substances. These agents are directly transmitted to people when the water is used for drinking, preparing food, recreation or other domestic purposes. An outbreak of waterborne disease is usually defined as an event meeting two criteria: (a) at least two people have experienced similar illness after exposure to water; and (b) epidemiological evidence implicates water as the probable source of the illness. The occurrence of outbreaks of waterborne diseases is not limited to developing countries; affluent countries are also affected3.
The risk of outbreaks of waterborne diseases increases where standards of water, sanitation and personal hygiene are low. Worldwide, the proportion of people with access to safe drinking-water and basic sanitation rose from 78% in 1990 to 83% in 2004. Despite this progress, however, an estimated 425 million children under 18 years of age still have no access to an improved water supply. In 2004, it was estimated that diarrhoea due to unsafe...

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