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Waste: Our Inevitable Problem Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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Our Inevitable Problem
Jason Kleckner
ITT Technical Institute
May 28th, 2013

Our waste crisis is not just one person’s problem, but everyone’s inevitable problem and their responsibility to reduce the amount of waste that is discarded. We have to take action now because we are polluting our planet. Globally, there is a need to work together to come up with solutions to the problem. Reducing the amount of waste we produce is a starting point. As we are running out of space, new ways of waste treatment and recycling need to be considered and implemented. Throw it away today and worry about it tomorrow, seems to be the rule of thumb, except that tomorrow is here today (Melosi, 2005). We live in a disposable society why not a biodegradable one or one where we reuse items or fix them if they break.
Waste: Our Inevitable Problem
Waste is the byproduct from manufacturing plants and human activities here on our planet. Waste can degrade the Earth’s ecosystem if not properly managed, not to mention it’s also aesthetically unpleasant.(Tabirsir, 2011) The use and disposal of material goods has contributed to forty percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions (epa.gov, 2013). Our population is continuously expanding which inevitably leads to an increased amount of waste we produce. It is in our nature to want to leave something behind for the next generation or build a legacy for the following generations. In order to continue to provide a future that will be inhabitable for future generations, we must start by thinking on what we can do today that will help ensure a livable tomorrow.
The History behind Waste
Waste has been a problem for mankind as far back that humans date. Dumping, burning, recycling and minimization of waste, although not efficiently, have been the basics of dealing with trash throughout history. Studies show that the Mayan Indians created dumps or piled up their waste in the corners of their homes and then buried the piles under...

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