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War of Attrition Essay

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  1. War of Attrition
      2.1 Attrition
      2.2 War of Attrition
  2. Examples of War of Attrition
      3.3 Microsoft Vs Yahoo
  3. Assumptions and rules of the game
  4. Analysis of the Game
      5.4 Pure Strategy
      5.5 Mixed Strategy
  5. Conclusion

  1. War of Attrition

      1.1 Attrition
The reduction in company’s resources naturally in any business or industry is called attrition.

      1.2 War of Attrition
War of attrition is a type of game that is played between two or more firms. Each player strategizes with the sole purpose of depleting the opponent’s resources, hoping that the opponent will eventually give up. It is a game theory problem which cannot be solved using pay-off matrix.
Such games are usually played in multiple rounds and last for long period of time. Players use such strategy when they have unlimited resources and irrational behavior (ego). However players with rational strategy limited resources do use war of attrition strategies.
  2. Examples    
  * Israel-Palestine war
  * Microsoft Vs Yahoo
  * Apple Vs Android

      3.1 Microsoft Vs Yahoo
At the beginning of 2000 yahoo’s net worth was 96 billion $ as compared to Microsoft’s worth of 24 billion $.Between 1995 to 2000 Microsoft like all older companies suffered brain drain. Young talent was migrating to dot com world. This loss was particularly galling to Bill gates, who pride himself on recruiting the best from the universities. Losing talent and watching cash declines in relative terms, Gates and balmer decided enough was enough it’s time to go for a war. But rather than launching a direct war the company steadily set out to wreck competitor’s currency. Gates gets the word to the Microsoft ad department to stop all its advertisement for rest of the 2000. Gates knew such Microsoft cooling would give licence to executives around the world to cut their advertisement too. And that’s what precisely what...

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