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War Is a Disaster Essay

  • Submitted by: tanoli
  • on March 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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War is a Disaster
The world should be a place where humanity is valued and unneeded barriers are to be eliminated - this is probably one of the only ways under which peace and harmony will blossom. War is an act where another country or nation is invaded, irrespective of the intention; it will lead to catastrophic events. Having established the aforementioned, the focus of this paper is to determine that overall, war is a disaster.   Topics such as religious point of view, economical downfalls, and the overall impact on humans will be visited.
Sin is defined as an immoral act considered being a transgression against divine law, and according to St. Augustine, war is a sin, the consequences for this action are nothing but grief. It is very clear from this statement that war is not beneficial for civilization and will bring nothing but damage. Majority of faiths preach for peace before war. Buddhism has such value for life that Monks would cover their faces so creatures, which are in fact harmful to humans, would not die. This also portrays the fact that life is far too precious to be wasted even if it poses a threat to others. If war was a solution then people who break the law should face the death penalty, however, instead they are punished accordingly. Killing others is not a way out; handling situations in a civilized way is the key to successful and prosperous relationships. Let’s consider the example of Gandhi, he took the religious principle of ahimsa (doing no harm) common to Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism and turned it into a non-violent tool for mass action. He used it to fight not only colonial rule but social evils such as racial discrimination and untouchability as well. Gandhi called it "satyagraha" which means 'truth force.' In this doctrine the aim of any non-violent conflict was to convert the opponent; to win over his mind and his heart and persuade him to your point of view.Gandhi was firm that satyagraha was not a weapon of the weak -...

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