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War and Conflict Essay

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  • on March 26, 2014
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There are a number of different causes of war and conflict, the main ones are;
- Politics; Different political parties have different thoughts and opinions on things. Sometimes this opinions clash with each other and it causes conflict. Border disputes and disputes over territory can all cause war as people want to fight for their land. An example of conflict that started because of this is the conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. NATO can also cause countries to go into war because if one of the NATO countries gets invaded, it is seen as though all of the countries are involved; this is what started the Second World War. When Germany invaded Poland, Britain had to get involved as they had an alliance with Poland. The Second World War was seen as a high intensity war as it was a very powerful war involving many different nations whereas it was only short lived.
- Nationalism; Sometimes, people feel very strongly about their way of life that they done want it to be destroyed or damaged in any sort of way. These people want to be able to protect where they are from against pollution and the culture of other societies. These feelings can be amongst a small tribe in a village or an entire country. If things begin to change from what people want, then it can cause conflict within the country. Also, if a leader is of a different culture to everyone else around them, it can cause conflict as well.
- Religion; Religion is a very well know way for starting a war or a conflict. If people have different religious views, it can cause conflict between them as they believe in different gods or ways of life. An example of a Religious conflict is what is happening in Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland conflict began because many Irish Catholics consider themselves to be the Irish nationals and want to be separate from Britain whereas others consider themselves to be British and have a political outlook on things.
- Ideology; Ideology is a set of ideas as to...

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