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Wan Design Essay

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WAN Design
Jerry Boucher
Benny Lane

WAN Design
The current expansion of the company will include an updated Wide Area Network (WAN).   The new Wide Area Network will provide each location, via a private network, access to resources located at the various offices.   There are several departments located in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, China, and New York that must be securely connected to one another via a Virtual Private Network.   In addition to these departments being connected; the main headquarters host weekly conferences with members from different locations attending the conference either in person or remotely.   Those members connecting remotely will connect via VoIP using both WAN and VoIP technology provided by the Cisco 2620XM router.
The attached diagram shows the Wide Area Network designed with an all in one router system.   The Cisco 2620XM is a reliable WAN edge device that is capable of handling multiple Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections (Cisco, 2013).   The dual processor system in the Cisco 2620XM router places lower end process on the second processor while handling higher level router features on the main processor.   The main headquarters in Atlanta will be equipped with two 2620XM routers in order to support normal business plus teleconferencing features while each of the outlying offices including the factory in China will have one router installed.   While providing routing services the modular Cisco 2620XM allows ample expansion into voice, data, firewall, LAN, WAN, and VPN services (Cisco, 2013).
The new Cisco 2620XM routers provide the first layer of security across the WAN, VPN, and Internet.   The firewall expansion upgrade will be implemented with the Cisco 2620XM which includes encryption, URL filtering, and intrusion detection.   The firewall coupled with Border Gateway Protocol also limits access across the WAN and internet from unknown sources.   The flexibility the router offers also includes additional...

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