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Walmart Essay

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Emotional Intelligence for Business Effectiveness BUS 3913
Case Study

BUS 3913 – Emotional Intelligence for Business Effectiveness

Case Study

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Fatima Hassan Abbas Karmak Juma Al Bloushi


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24 March 2014

Emotional Intelligence for Business Effectiveness BUS 3913
Case Study

Case Study
There are ten questions to the case study. Select the BEST answer for EACH question and justify the answer using the concepts that you have learned of Emotional Intelligence. Your answers will be marked based on how correct your choice is as well as the completeness of your explanation. For EACH question, CIRCLE your choice (a, b, c, or d) and then use the space provided to justify your choice. Please use a MAXIMUM of 100 words for each question. The concepts of Emotional Intelligence contain the following categories and sub-categories:

Emotional Self Awareness Self –Regard Self-Actualization

Emotional Expression Independence Assertiveness

Interpersonal Relationships
Interpersonal Relationships Empathy Social Responsibility

Decision Making
Reality Testing Problem Solving Impulse Control

Stress Management
Flexibility Stress Tolerance Optimism

General Wellbeing

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24 March 2014

Emotional Intelligence for Business Effectiveness BUS 3913
Case Study

1. You are on an airplane that suddenly hits extremely bad turbulence and begins rocking from side to side. What do you do? Continue to read your book or magazine, or watch the movie, trying to pay little attention to the a. turbulence Immediately start paying attention in case of an emergency, carefully monitoring the stewardesses b. and reading the emergency instructions card. c. d A little of both a and b. Not sure - never noticed.


If I was in airplane and extremely bad turbulence happens directly I will start been...

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