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Vodafone Deception Essay

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  • on June 22, 2014
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Hey you, yes you, the one with the phone!! Let me be a bit more specific. Hey you there with the Vodafone sim, still too vague of a statement huh. Well anyway. You may not know this but I have just proven 3 things to all of you. 1) 95% of you out there have phones, 2 of that 95% a further 90% have a Vodafone sim.   And finally 3) most of you have in some way fallen prey to the campaign that is Vodafone advertising. At the end of this presentation, those who acknowledge my word shall be transformed from sheep into goats, goats are like sheep, but free to decide their own choices. I will enlighten the process by which they manipulate your unsuspecting mind.
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Let me illuminate to you the precarious situation in which you have found yourself in. Those of you who have fallen victim to Vodafone’s campaign of indoctrination do not fear I shall save you.
It has not happened over night. Vodafone is like virus, it has implanted itself, its image and their products they have into your unsuspecting mind, until it starts developing, and before you know it your buying things, unnecessary things, things believed to have been a necessity however it is merely a want, a desire, something you do not need.
Method of Indoctrinating through advertising
First, they capture your attention visually or verbally. This may be with an enticing image an image the viewers can all relate to or that find attractive, for example for new Zealanders, boy from that movie boy. Once a member of the public now used as a tool. They attract you. You may think, “Just a taste”. That what the fly said to the Venus fly trap. But we all know they aren’t going to let you have a mere taste of the product.
In order to aid them they have even manipulated the language in which we speak. Personal pronouns, repetition, emotive language, rhetorical questions, neologism, all ingeniously incorporated into the Vodafone advertising.
After grabbing the audience’s attention, the next process is maintaining...

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