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Viral Campaign Essay

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Viral campaign strategy
Porter International decides to launch a low-cost viral campaign online to promote the brand awareness and initiate recognition of both our name and logo throughout the Netherlands. Their Facebook page, www.facebook.com/porteramsterdam is aimed at providing the product information as well as company news. The subscribers are also able to get exclusive access to discounts, as well as special events. It is for both public relations and advertisement. Our first step to increase brand awareness and get people interested in our store is a competition lasting from 1 June 2013 to 1 August 2013. We invite all natives of the Netherlands to design an advertisement for our new promotional campaign launching in Amsterdam. We are aiming this competition at our younger target market, specifically Dutch students throughout the Netherlands. Participants can use any forms of online media to present our trendy products and should e-mail them to us before the cut off date. Once the prospective ads are in our possession and the time frame is up we will put the potential advertisements up on our Facebook page. We have examples of our latest Chinese advertising campaign up on our Facebook page and encourage participants to be creative and innovative and keep in mind our luxurious, yet functional style. The first place winner will be the ad with the most likes during our two week voting period.   By allowing the consumer choose the winner, the participants will somewhat be doing our advertising for us. We hope the participants will share their own advertisement on their Facebook page to gain more likes and increase their chance of winning, this will increase intrigue and knowledge of our brand and help create the buzz necessary to open up our shop in Amsterdam. The 1st place winner will get a 500 € voucher for Porter International products of their choice. Another lucky winner, chosen by our own advertising committee will get the opportunity to work in our...

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