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Violence in the Media Essay

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  • on September 3, 2013
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Violence in Media
For years and years media violence is an issue of controversy; making our youth aware of what is right and what is wrong. Some believe that there shall be no consequences while others believe that it   is highly important for the environment. Violence on television happens to be a main source. Because of television violence the nation is threatened by the loss of self-esteem, fear of crime and fear of our neighbors .The effect that violence in television has on children is the start of this debate. Violence shouldn't be in the media because it effects our communities, our neighborhoods and close friends and family.
Children are pin-pointed by the violence and it has become a crucial concern in lodge. Experts have researched the effects and have all come to conclusion that it has a negative outcome. On April 23, 1986, the   demonstration of Edison’s Vita Scale marked the fine time motions pictures had been projected onto a screen. Researchers are still unsure of where violence in television begins but they do know   that it is generally psychological. T.V.   leads to angry conduct in children, also causes the child to be less involved with others.
Almost every child watches three to five hours of television daily after leaving school. They have almost witnessed 9,000 murders and almost a million other different acts of violence. Have you ever thought about how much violence in the early Saturday cartoons? “Scientist have tried to explain why children are so amused by   the big glowing box   and the action that takes place with in it (JohnWagner)”. The longer they watch T.V. the more hostility and enmity will develop inside. Children shouldn't   mortal shows in the lack of a parent because of a catchy theme song or awesome graphics but they do which is why television violence can cause actual violence and so the child can   keep themselves satisfied. “ Among U.S., children that aggression academic problems unpopularity with peers & violence feed...

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