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Video Games Are Art Essay

  • Submitted by: danielyoung45
  • on February 26, 2014
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Dan Young
Argumentative Paper
Professor Tomko
November 20, 2013
Video Games: The Future of Art
Art has evolved throughout history. Currently defined: “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, a skill at doing a specified thing that is typically acquired through practice.” In this context, video games can be seen as another step in the process of the evolution of art itself. There are many artistic elements that make up a video game: music, the literature in the both the dialogue and story of the game, and then the visual artistic design of the game. The developers who make video games also have to physically draw and design all the objects and maps that go into the games. Most people would argue that video games are not an art because they would say they do not fit into the normal categories of art such as paintings, sculptures, music, and literature. When making a game, the story or literature that goes along with the game is as much an art as what the game actually looks like is. Therefore video games are the ultimate form of art because they combine all mediums of art into a truly unique and original masterpiece.
There are many arguments against video games being considered works of art. Some of these include the fact that video games do not fit into any of the most common mediums of art such as painting, sculptures, music, and literature. When in fact this argument could not be any more incorrect. Video games include all of those elements in them. Music is one of the more obvious elements in a video game. Music is a crucial part of a game and many iconic video games such as Mario and Zelda are defined by their soundtracks. The music adds to overall experience and many major game companies use orchestras for recording the music that they use in the games. One example of this is the Halo franchise, which uses an orchestra for their music in the game and is widely known for having dramatic soundtracks. And, obviously,...

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