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Viability of the Current Available Iris Information Technology Essay

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Viability Of The Current Available Iris Information Technology Essay
To conclude it is discussed and proved in this assignment that Iris scanning is an effective method of biometric identification in which the iris pattern recognition is basically used to find out the identity of the user based on viability of the currently available iris scanning technology, but we also find out that iris scanning is very costly as compare to fingerprint and face recognition and needs little more hard work to scan the iris of the individual but on the other hand Iris scanning generates high-resolution images of the iris of the human eye. The iris pattern is used for biometric identification as the eye is such a prominent organ of every human being! It is well protected, almost flat and has fine patterns that are different for different individuals. Iris scanning can be done regardless of the person wearing artificial lenses or reading glasses. Iris scans are extremely accurate and the most suitable way to be used in biometrics. 16
Critical Analysis on Iris Scanning 17
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Ashbourn, J., (2000). Biometrics: Advanced Identify Verification. Oxford Oxfordshire: Oxford University Press. 18
Introduction to Iris Scanning
Let us discuss the history of Iris Scanning to explain this topic. The idea of using iris patterns for the purpose of personal identification was originally suggested in 1936 by ophthalmologist Frank Burch. In 1987 two ophthalmologists named, Aran and Leonard Flom, patented this idea. It was 1989 when John Daugman produced the algorithms for iris recognition upon their request. These algorithms, which Daugman patented in 1994 and are now under the ownership of Iridian Technologies form the basis for all iris recognition systems and products currently being used.
The Iris Scanning systems makes use of the random variations in the visible features of the iris which is the colored ring around the pupil. After a person gets his iris scanned once, a unique...

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