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Vaccines Essay

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  • on August 29, 2013
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Vaccines Good or Bad
Over the past century, vaccines have become a question whether or not they are safe or if they are hazardous to our health.   Trying to support or not support the facts of vaccinations, regarding the long term effects that could harm the children.   Considering the allegations, theories, and hypothesis of the possibilities of the endangerment to our health, causing small pox, autism, measles, mumps and rubella to name a few, bring the controversy of American parents refusing vaccinations for their children.   Today, vaccine controversy is one of the most important public crises we face in America.

There are countless issues concerning vaccinations in the United States as well as the United Kingdom.   As the question arises, a topic that truly needs to be touched on is the problem of there being an increase in parents refusing vaccinations for their children.   Studies have been done on the various outcomes on the safety of vaccinations.
One of the studies done by the Dr. Andrew Wakefield in 1998 had suggested that vaccines, particularly the MMR vaccine, might somehow be the cause of autism. With that, according to some of the recent studies, possibly one-fifth of all American parents believe that vaccines cause autism. In 2003, according to the CDC, 22% of American parents of young children were refusing one or more vaccines for their children.   Five years later, the percentage had doubled to 40%.   Nearly doubling in percent rate caused an importance to convincing the American people that vaccines are safe.   The comments made by Dr. Wakefield forced the US laws to open vaccine courts for the families that made claims pertaining to the health of their children.   With further research, Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s claim was soon discredited due to invalid dates, bad data, and incorrect information that was stated in the British Medical Journal, that the study wasn’t just wrong – it was “a deliberate fraud” that...

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