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Utterly Perfect Murder Alt Ending Essay

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  • on June 21, 2014
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The utterly Perfect Murder Alt Ending
      Ralph answered the door hesitantly, “Hel…hello?” The shrill voice stuttered. I just stood there and let him survey the scene. He wasn’t as old looking as his voice portrayed, however he was shorter than then me and slimier too. “Doug… is that you?” Ralph’s voice was barely audible. I just continued to stand there, unmoving holding the pistol that my grandfather had given me when I was just a young boy under my coat.
  “Ralph who is at the door?” a woman asked a little worriedly.
“Just an old friend,” Ralph replied. “Don’t worry about it.” Then it was my turn to speak,
“You are going to die by my hands, Ralph,” I said id so clearly, so calmly. Ralph recoiled,
“What did you say?” Ralph shook like and man that had just had his life threatened would. Is his childhood friend really about to murder him? I proceeded to pull the old pistol out from under my coat.
“Yes Ralph, all those times as a child when you had acted as if I was nothing. I got to thinking about it and decided I wanted revenge, now here we are. Are you ready for me to take your life?” Ralph just stood in disbelieve. My face was the furthest thing from distraught that it could be. The dory slammed shut. I could hear Ralph screaming to the woman that had spoken earlier to phone the police. I started rendering the door. “Come on Ralph this is how it is meant to be, don’t complicate things by getting the police involved.”
“You’re and insane person!” Ralph screamed with pure terror in his voice. “Hello? Yes, officer? A man named Doug Spaulding has threatened my life and is tearing down my door! Help!”
“You shouldn’t have done that,” I stated with just the hint of disgust on my face. One last kick and the door fell in. The first person I seen was the woman. “Ralph, no one else has to die if you just come out without any more problems.” I stated as if commenting on the weather today. Ralph burst into the foyer brandishing his Remington Model 870...

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