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Using Green It Trend in Malaysia Essay

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Below is an essay on "Using Green It Trend in Malaysia" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Green IT or also known as Green Technology is the ecologically responsible and eco-friendly use of computer systems and their solutions (Janssen). In a detailed explanation, Green IT also described as the study of developing, manufacturing or re-engineering, using and disposing computer systems such as monitors, keyboards, mouse and many more in a way that decreases their environmental effect (Janssen). The reason why green IT was introduced is due to increasing energy costs over the years, improved publicity concerning global warming issue and “energy citizenship” and increased regulation associated with energy-efficiency, toxic materials and greenhouse gases in United States of America, Europe and China ("Green it," ). The origins of Green IT was first known with the first illustrations of environmental standards granted to products that have a reduced impact on the environment ("Green it," ). The launching of Energy Star in 1992 was the first important moment of Green IT with the intention of reducing the use of energy and emission of greenhouse gases ("Green it," ). At the beginning, it was only monitors and hard disk and later on, it has included buildings and other office equipment in it           ("Green it," ). Most countries, including Europe, have implemented this standard which is still being continued till this date ("Green it," ). In Malaysia, the Nation Green IT or Green Technology policy was first launch on the July 24, 2009, after the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA) was establish during the Cabinet rearrangement in April 2009 ("The national ," 2012). It was introduced in four different sectors which are energy sector, building sector, water and waste management sector and transportation sector ("The national ," 2012). There are many goals that KeTTHA wants to achieve ("The national ," 2012). Among its goals are increasing public awareness on Green IT, increasing the recognition of Green IT products in the local market,...

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