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Useless Essay

  • Submitted by: mushioo
  • on March 17, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Celebrity. What comes in your mind when the word celebrity pops? I confidently say 95% of you will think about TV host, singers and actors. Celebrity is actually defined as some who is really famous and widely known. Therefore, you don’t have to be a singer, actor or TV host to be a celebrity just grab a camera and record a video of yourself and post it on YouTube. Who knows you may end up being a YouTube celebrity. If you are a shy person but good with words, just post your creative quotes on Tumblr or Twitter and you may end up being Twitter or Tumblr celebrity. Being a celebrity maybe a fun thing but what actually are the pros that the celebrities bring to us, the society or the country?
    As we all know celebrities had a great influence to the society especially to the teenagers. Almost 99% of teenagers use celebrities as their idol. There are even teenagers who neglect their parents just to see some celebrity concert or meet-up. Celebrities should realize how big their influences to teenagers really are and because of that if I was a celebrity I would use this influence to a good use. Firstly, I would make the teenagers realize how important education is to them. If I was a singer, I would be a singer who put my education first. For example Yuna. She is an amazing singer but she never neglects her studies. If I was a TV host I would discuss about how important education are with my guest.

  Next, we are not surprise if there is news about celebrity doing drugs these days which is kind of saddening me because their fans especially those who are overly obsess with them might follow their footsteps and became a drug addict too. What more saddening how mush the government actually spent to fight drug abuse. Therefore if I was a celebrity I would help the government with their drug abuse campaign. Who knows with my popularity or influence I may be a big help to the government.

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