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Use and Develop System That Promote Communication Essay

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  • on March 25, 2014
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There are many groups of people a Manager needs to communicate with in order to do the job effectively and efficiently.
Staff need to be one of the first and most important groups. A Manager running a 24 hour service must recognise their staff are the promoters and advocates of the service in a Managers absence, next would be the service users themselves.
Any service will have other health professionals attached, such as GP’s, OT’s, speech and language therapists.
Families need to be included in any changes, or plans for the service, and close friends of individuals.
Case Managers, commissioners and if registered, CQC all must be kept current, along with Operation and Regional Managers of the organisation.


Communication in a service has to be constantly monitored and adapted if not proving to be effective. A communication book is an excellent communication tool, staff make a note of any appointments, telephone calls, meetings that have happened during their shift. When staffs come on duty they must first read the communication book, and then sign each entry. This way the Manager can be sure all staff has had the information. Staffs have a handover period of time, as one shift goes off duty, and as the next shift start. It is important to have a process, for example if working in a nine bedded service, start with room 1 and discuss anything relevant to that service user, then room 2 etc. That way no one individual is left out, this can often happen when there has been an incident surrounding 1 or 2 people, the handover can then be dominated by the incident and things can be forgotten.

Handover sheets are a CQC requirement. This will indicate who is leading the shift, fire officer, first aider and who is responsible of medication. It will have a detailed list of jobs required, and staff sign once these have been completed. Within the handover sheet will be other forms that...

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