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Us History Essay

  • Submitted by: skittles145
  • on March 18, 2012
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The 2008 Obama ad talks about how Obama’s mom died from cancer and prior to her death she spent more time focusing on how to pay for her medical bills rather than enjoying her last days. In this ad, I believe Obama was trying to target the Americans and the Republicans to get people to vote and become more interested in the bill.

Many Americans are uninsured and the health care reform will make health care more affordable, make health insurers more accountable, expand health coverage to all Americans, and make the health system sustainable, stabilizing family budgets, the Federal budget, and the economy. It’s said that 95% of American’s will be insured.

However, Republicans don’t think it’s a good idea letting the government handle healthcare so; Obama has to work even harder to target republicans. Healthcare Reform is a huge issue that has to be dealt with and although there are mixed opinions in my opinion, something has to be done.

The next ad I believe was most effective was the 2012 negative ad on Obama. Although it’s a negative ad and I’m not in favor of negativity it brought up some good points. Especially for voter’s who are on the fence about who they should select for 2012.
It’s easy for candidates to point out everything the current president is doing wrong but in my opinion, it always works that way. Then, when the new president is elected the same thing happens.   It’s a way for the candidates to show they can do better and make promises to not have the same issues as the previous president had. It seems as if people are always happy when voting and when the President is in office they spend more time complaining of all the things the President is doing wrong. I honestly think there is no way to make everyone happy and the only thing we can control is what we are allowed to vote on other than that there’s not much anyone can do.
This ad is obviously targets people who are not faun of Obama and prefer not to have him voted for another...

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