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Us Foreign Policy - Egypt Essay

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  • on June 23, 2014
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US Foreign Policy - Egypt

Leah Adams

St. Petersburg College

Professor Mayo

INR2002 International Relations

October 23, 2013

US Foreign Policy - Egypt

  *     The United States has been in a relationship with Egypt since 1922. (Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, 2013). In the 1970’s the United States foreign policy allowed funding and equipment to be sent to the Egyptian military based on Israeli influence “Peace has earned Egypt extensive aid from Washington. Cairo annually receives $1.3 billion in U.S. military assistance and $250 million in economic assistance. According to the Congressional Research Service, Egypt has accrued $69 billion from the United States since 1979, while Israel has gained $98 billion. In fact, the two countries have been the largest recipients of U.S. foreign aid since 1979.”   also   “Peace has facilitated the formation of a far-reaching relationship between the U.S. and Egyptian militaries. Since the treaty, Washington has provided Cairo with military assistance in the form of arms sales and transfers, enabling Egypt to replace outdated Soviet hardware acquired before the mid-1970s, while Cairo was still dependent on Moscow. This assistance has also facilitated regular joint military exercises, intelligence sharing, training, co-production of tanks, and regular military consultations with both the U.S. and Israel.” (Makovsky, 2011)
  *       Egypt is a dominant influence in their region. “Observers looking at the balance of forces in the region in late 2010 would have been smart to bet on a perpetuation of autocracy. Beholding Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, they would have been forgiven the conclusion that a similar fate awaited Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, and the large Egyptian state that had been the trendsetter in Arab political and cultural life.” (Ajami, 2012)
  *       Fast forward to January 2011 where protests abound in Egypt over their dictatorial rule of of Hosni Mubarak. Egyptians rise up in anger and eventually...

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