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Urban Affairs Chapter 2 Summary

  • Submitted by: npatel1594
  • on June 25, 2014
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Neel Patel
Chapter 2 Summary
This chapter is an essay written by Robert J. Sampson, which talks about the two strategies to explain crime and violence in the inner city. He talks about crime and violence in the inner city by explaining research on a macro social and micro social level. Macro social research Sampson says is the study of the community itself and how it affects the rate of crime and violence. In section II Sampson talks about the three structural factors of a community that affect the rate of crime: low economic status, ethnic heterogeneity, and residential mobility. It also talks about how the different community organization factors that affect children within the community. It says that one of the most important factors is the ability of the community to supervise and control the teenage peer groups. Sampson believes that origins of many gangs are the failure of supervision of these teenage playgroups. In section III Sampson talks about the way the community is organized culturally and how that affects the normal behavior of the member of the community and how this relates to violence. In this section he also talks about the community’s social isolation and how that is related to crime in the community. Social isolation is defined as the lack of contact with the mainstream community. Social isolation caused by poverty in the community results in a lack of role models and prevents learning due to the isolation from mainstream. Section IV talks about the development of children in the community and different factors associated with it. Sampson talks about how delinquency starts early in a child’s life and determines the outcome of their adult life. Therefore prevention in early childhood is key. Many of these factors that he talks about are health care, maltreatment, and cognitive achievement. This article continues to talk about the connection between race and interpersonal violence. Sampson explains how the factor of race comes into play and its...

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