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  • on March 18, 2012
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With the use of neutral, negative and positive diction, Truman Capote effectively expresses his contempt for the small town of Holcomb, Kansas. He begins his description using neutral word choice. Adjectives such as “...village...” and “...cluster...” are emotionless words used in the introductory paragraph to add an element of mystery in the text. By doing this, Capote keeps the reader intrigued and wondering how he truly feels about Holcomb. Initially, the reader is under the impression that Capote neither likes nor dislikes Holcomb. However, in the opening lines of the second paragraph, all signs of neutrality are gone as Capote begins to trash the small town. Using powerful, clear diction, Capote’s tone quickly changes from ambivalence to malevolence. He describes the streets of Holcomb as an “...aimless congregation...” with no definitive purpose. The streets are “...unnamed, unmarked and unpaved...” which shows a disregard of the town from its own citizens. As Capote narrows his focus to the details of the town rather than the landscape as a whole, his opinions become very insolent. The multitude of strong, negative words leaves no question the in the reader’s mind to how Capote feels about Holcomb. In the final paragraph, Truman Capote drastically changes the tone of his writing by using positive diction. The positive diction acts as a sharp contrast to the negative tone that he established earlier in the text. Capote explains that Holcomb does have some positive qualities such as their school which he described as a “...good looking establishment...” full of “...prosperous people...” However, it is evident that there is far more negative connotation attached to Capote’s word choice than there is positive. The lack of positivity in his writing demonstrates that there is little good to say about Holcomb. Even though Capote expresses his views of Holcomb, Kansas with neutral, negative and positive diction, the negativity is what stands out the most. His...

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