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Unknown Girl Essay

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  • on June 23, 2014
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King Schahriar and his brother

Purely for Entertainment [Fictitious]. Hope this will boost your morale.
King Schahriar and his brother (From The Arabian Nights)
This is the first story in the collection “The Arabian nights” or “The thousand and one nights” The story originated from persian,(iran)(India)(egypt).
Although they can be dismissed as children tales Many of them appeal to a wider audience and the theme used are mostly adult.
The setting is established in the first paragraph The geographical area is middle east India and china.
She is a device for telling stories.
She is extraordinarily beautiful and academically brilliant
she outshines her younger sister Dinarzade.
She is her fathers favorite
She single handedly devices and carries out a plan designed to stop sultans barbarous practice.
She is motivated by the wish to save women from sultans tyrannical behaviour and desire to save her country.
Sometimes she behaves unpredictably and surprises the reader.
she asks her father to allow her to marry the sultan even though she knows the consequences. when her father pleads with her not to cause and anguish she persists. She receives the news of being expected by the sultan as the most pleasant thing in the world.
Her tears are not caused by fears but they are planned.
She is a lady of high principles. Eg: “I am Determined to stop this barbarous practice…”
She is obstinate. she is patriotic. Eg:”my death will be a glorious one, and if I succeed I shall have done a great service to my country.”
She is talented and intelligent. “but her sister was clever and courageous in the highest degree.”
She is brilliant. I.e She has great stories to tell.
2)King Schahriar
A very Kind Man- He gave part of the kingdom to his Brother.
Vengeful- He devised a plan to take revenge on all women after his wife betrayed him.
Tyrannical- Became very cruel murderer after the betrayal.
Threatens the Vizir with death if he fails...

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