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Unit 9 M1 and D1 Business Level 3 Essay

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In my task I am going to Explain how promotion is integrated with the rest of the marketing mix in a selected organisation to achieve its marketing aims and objectives and in order for me to get a distinction I will Evaluate and justify the use of an appropriate promotional mix with respect to my chosen business which is Coca Cola

The marketing mix is four key areas that the marketer has control over, this is usually known as the four p’s which represents, product this entitles what the company sells, price this is the amount that the product is sold for, place this is the physical location that the product can be purchased from and finally promotion this is methods of communication that the company uses in order to promote their product. Many companies use the seven ps marketing mix this includes, process, people and physical evidence this is what I will be talking about in my task.

The purpose of promotion is to guide the viewer into purchasing a specific product or service within the market. The aim of promotion is so that consumers around the world are aware that there is a product being sold. The idea of a Coca Cola is to sell the most products they can in order to generate a vast amount of profit. Another purpose why coca cola uses promotion is to inflate their sales and to build awareness to the public which is therefore effective to reach a wide audience. In order to promote their product and create a relationship with their consumers coca cola launched a campaign by   applying consumers names to their coca cola bottles , this was very effective the reason this being is because , it allowed the consumers to feel welcomed and also created a huge relationship between both the brand and the consumer. Coca cola launched this campaign all over the world , therefore had to apply different cultured names an example of this would be British names and African names , this gave all cultures the opportunity to find their name on a coca cola bottle . This...

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