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Unit 4 Project Essay

  • Submitted by: tiiywiny
  • on August 29, 2013
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There were many early psychologists, but the one that stood out for me was Hermann Ebbinghaus.   Hermann Ebbinghaus was an individual who preferred to do his research before he began working in a particular field or a particular subject known to us as research on learning and he also invented what we know today as nonsense syllables.
Hermann Ebbinghaus was that of “the first psychologist to investigate learning and memory experimentally”, by doing so he proved that Wilhelm Wundt was wrong on his theory (Schultz, 2011).   “During his academic training” he studied history, literature, philosophy and later “changed toward human science” (Schultz, 2011).   It seemed to me that Ebbinghaus lost interest in some of his academic studies very quickly that’s why he kept changing his majors.   Just about everything Wilhelm Wundt said that couldn’t be done Hermann Ebbinghaus set out to prove him wrong and I can truly admire a person who wants to get answers for themselves and not just run with what someone else said without finding out on your own.   “Learning and memory had never been studied experimentally” and Wundt said that it could be done, but Hermann was set out to do so (Schultz, 2011).   Although he had no lab and no students he went ahead with his experiments using himself as a test subject (Schultz, 2011).   The way I see it is in order for you to get accurate and true results in an experiment that you are conducting, what will you do to see to it that this information is true to your understanding?   If you said do as Hermann Ebbinghaus did then you’re correct.   In order for Hermann Ebbinghaus to be sure that his information was true and accurate “he repeated the task often enough to be confident of the accuracy of his results (Schultz, 2011).   To be honest, in the chapters that we have read thus far with all the experiments being conducted, he is the first that have stated that he have checked for accuracy.
The nonsense syllables that were created by Ebbinghaus were...

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