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Unit 365 Diploma Level 3 Essay

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  • on March 24, 2014
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Unit 365 – Understand the process and experience of dementia

Dementia can be caused by a combination of symptoms and conditions and this is sometimes called a mixed dementia. Dementia syndrome can be caused as a result of specific diseases such as Alzheimers, Motor Neurone Disease or Parkinson’s Disease. It can also be as a result of a stroke in the brain (Cerebral vascular accident CVA) or as a result of a group of conditions or brain disorders.
There are several types of memory impairment experienced by individuals with dementia. These include frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe and temporal lobe. Occipital lobe affects an individual’s visual processing. Damage to the parietal lobe affects body movement, language, spatial awareness and recognition. Damage to the temporal lobe affects language involving words and memory. Damage to the frontal lobe lowers intellectual functioning and an individual’s ability to judge and plan. If one part of the brain is not working correctly then this can cause confusion, hallucinations, mis identities, delusions and false beliefs and the individual may drift back in to their past.
Other factors that may contribute to dementia are a person’s age, anxiety, poor physical health, poor sensory health, gender ethnicity and certain medications also may be a contributing factor. Ensuring an individual leads a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the risk of dementia although this is not proven.
An individual suffering with dementia will change over time as a result of their condition but they remain an individual and still have their own needs, likes and dislikes and should still be treated as an individual. All sufferers of dementia are different. Their needs will gradually change as early onset dementia may only affect one part of the brain but as time passes the dysfunction of this part of the brain will affect another part. An individual’s circumstances may change as they may no longer recognise family members which may...

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