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Unit 3 Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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Pass 1
Infancy 0 – 3
Physical Babies need food and milk because they need to grow and develop because   Babies need oxygen to survive. Babies need clothes to be warm as they wouldn’t feel cold. Babies need nappies and someone to provide their personal care because they can’t carry out their personal care on their own as they are only babies which mean they can’t r use their arms or legs. Babies at this stage don’t have much movement in their body as they haven’t fully developed. Some Infants at the stage of six months can start feeding themselves. About one year old babies can crawl by two and a half years the infants can stand up even walk a little. By three years the infants can walk talk climb stairs slowly walking up them also trying to put on a coat.
Intellectual Babies at 4- 6 months learn to communicate by making sound of their mouth learn through books and toys. Through these, they will learn colours, shapes, words they will see, and play with toys they will learn to move their body by using fine and gross motor skills. An Interaction with other people will help them learn how to talk. Playing activities will help them to develop different brain functions e.g. memory. Stimulation aids development. At the age of one and a half a child learns that asking questions gets information so they are always asking questions to get information. Babies from 0 – 6 months puts different things in their mouth so they learn what they are. Also at 6- 12 months they repeat a lot of things they see. At two years you can have a nice conversation with the baby. About three years the infant will understand what you are saying as the infant will listen and know word also start talking more and learn more.
Emotional Babies express their feelings by crying when they need changing feeding or if the babies are hungry. At six weeks the baby starts to smile when it has been four months the babies can smile mainly and start to recognise their own parents and voices or who mainly...

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