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Unit 2 Reserch Paper

  • Submitted by: chernandez91362
  • on February 25, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Cesar Hernandez
Unit 2 Research Paper
January 13, 2014

It might seem impossible to see flying cars like in the cartoon show “The Jetsons”. Traffic is something that must be taken into consideration for vehicles on the road. Inventing a new way of transportation can help solve many traffic problems.   It seems crazy to think of a flying car being used for transportation.   Flying cars is something that all people can use and benefit from this invention.
Trying to save money on transportation is a necessity. For example, a flying vehicle will still use regular fuel. This shows that you will save money in gas purchases. This is because aviation fuel is more expensive than regular auto gas. In addition to saving money on the cost of fuel and being fuel efficient; flying at 100mph and getting 20mpg while airborn, also on the ground it gets 35mpg. This shows that over time you will be saving money when you fill up your gas tank. Although you would save money on fuel cost, the cost of a flying car is expensive. This shows that in order to get a flying car you would have to put a $10,000 deposit and wait until late 2015 or early 2016 to have this in your garage. This is because there are still tests being done before it’s finalized and sold to the public. As a result this is a way that we can all try to save money by having a flying car.
With a flying car, you will be saving a lot of time dealing with traffic. For example, you don’t have to drive through street traffic .This shows that you won’t have to be worrying about street lights and other vehicles on the road. This is because you can fly to you destination without having to deal with the stress that comes with traffic. Another example, after arriving at the airport you have to wait for a taxi or get a rental car which is time consuming. This shows your loosing time, you could be in your own flying car to get to your destination without having to wait for a source of transportation. This is...

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