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Unit 13, D1 Essay

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In the tables below I will be evaluating the usefulness of the documentation used in the interview pack for a chosen organisation used in the interview process. I will talking about the strengths, weaknesses, purpose and giving it   a ranking and justification.
| Job Description
Purpose | This informs the applicant about the job. It includes the position of the job, location and contact information. Different organisations will have their own particular information that they will include however there are set keys facts that must be included. |
Strength | It allows potential candidates to compare themselves with the job description and see if they are suitable for the job. They are well written and accurate to help attract individuals who are qualified and prepared to fulfil the duties listed. Sometimes it can help prepare the individual for the interview process. This helps make the selection process easier as they have told future employees what they are looking for. |
Weakness | While a job description may be accurate when it is written, it does not change as a company's needs change. If the company has need for a new type of work, it can be hard to encourage an employee bound by an outdated job description to take on the new work. Updating job descriptions can be time-consuming since they need to be updated every time a change is made. This is particularly a problem in fast-paced industries that deal with volatile markets or technology. |
Ranking | 5 |
Justification | I gave this highest ranking as I believe that this and a Personal Specification are very similar however I find this more relevant as it is telling the person what the job requires not the skills required from the person, this is better as it allows the person the opportunity to decide whether they are suitable for the job so they can assess their skills and qualities. |

| Personal Specification |
Purpose | This provides information about the type of person that is...

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