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Unit 10 Essay

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The pros to taking this approach is that all potential corrupted information will be wiped out in the formatting process which should allow the computer to run smoothly starting back at its original factory settings at the same time eliminating all forms of malware or corrupted program files that are not allowing the system to either boot up or is causing it to run slowly. Saving the documents, pictures and videos to disk will free up hard drive space allowing the consumer to maintain a copy of them without them being stored on their computer.  
    The cons to this approach is with the documents that have been saved. If they have been corrupted once they are reloaded onto the computer than some of the same issues could happen again putting the customer back to where they were when the brought the computer in initially. Another issue with this method is that if the computer is an older computer than all of the needed security updates would have to be reinstalled as well as any user programs that had been downloaded. On top of that the virus definitions for their anti-virus will be outdated and that could be a time consuming process getting everything back up to date before the problems happened.
    For those users who primarily use their computer for web surfing and checking email the process would be fairly quick depending on if it is a new or old computer. There would be limited to no documents, pictures or videos that would have to be downloaded to a disc for this customer.
    A student, author, or graphic engineer would be completely different because of the amount of files that would more than likely be saved on their computer. These files depending on what their occupation would have varying degrees of importance to the individual so more time would have to be taken to ensure that all of the documents and additional files are backed up. With the computer being wiped out and the policy of the store being that they do not load back on any user specific...

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