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Unicameral Or Bicameral...That Is The Question? Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Unicameral or Bicameral…that is the question?

A unicameral or bicameral legislature can be corrupted just like anything else in the world.   Both are really good, if they can stay clean and democratic.   A unicameral legislature has a number of great qualities compared to a bicameral legislation that is not to say that it better.   The unicameral legislature, as stated in the book and the simulation, can be enacted more rapidly; seeing how bills or laws don’t have to be agreed upon by two parties.   Not only could a bill pass easier but it could also be, if seen fit in the future, be taken away much easier.   One of the best reasons is that there is more accountability and transparency in a unicameral legislation.   If a bill that sucks is passed, there are not very many scape goats or cop outs that can be given.   There would not be very much spending in a unicameral legislation.   Since it’s a uni, one, chamber legislation there would be fewer representatives; therefore fewer bills.   In a unicameral legislation the people are able to keep better tabs on its representatives and keep them accountable.   All these advantages sound really swell, again, as long as there are no crooks allowed in the legislation; but it seems like every great and upcoming politician is eventually brought out some way or another.   Unfortunately, some of the popular unicameral legislations that are around today have turned communist.   A unicameral legislation does not have someone to keep them in check, so their able to pretty much whatever.  
The unicameral system, as stated above, would make passing laws much easier.   The representatives would take the interest of its people and pass laws without another party always objecting.   The flip side is that the representatives could make laws that favor only a minority.   In that case having a bicameral legislation would be safer…but then a stupid “meet in the middle” agreement would take place that doesn’t really help anybody.   With a bicameral...

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