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U.S. History Essay

  • Submitted by: strawberryhyuk
  • on June 25, 2014
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The white Americans did not like the way that they were being treated by Britain. They felt as if their every moved was being controlled or restricted by Britain. The Americans felt as if they weren’t being represented by the Parliament. Their anger grew when the British placed excessive taxes on them. Britain on the other hand, was in debt. They had to find a way to pay it all off, and in order to do so, they wanted the colonists to pay more taxes. The colonists were enraged when Britain passed the Stamp Act, which forced the colonist to pay a tax for the usage of any printed documents. This included newspaper, contracts, and any legal documents.   Britain reasoned that it was only proper for the colonist to pay taxes to help pay off the debt for their mother country. The colonists believed that they had the rights to decide whether to pay the taxes or not. It all had to be within their consent. And because of the impending taxes that Britain had forced upon them, they deemed that Parliament had failed to protect their liberties and rights against abuse from royal authorities. This was only the start of it, as the tension grew day by day, it finally led to the American Revolution.
The colonists declared that if all their rights were taken away like that, they would be no different from slaves that were under Britain’s rule. The white Americans did not like the ideas of becoming slaves and felt that it was injustice, however they did not apply the same understand towards the group of black slaves.
Black slaves felt as if they were being mistreated just as how the white Americans felt towards Britain. Although the two groups felt the same way, the white Americans still did not want to give up the slaves. In November if 1775, Dunmore released an official statement convincing all slaves that if they agreed to fight for Britain, they would gain their freedom. This did not apply to all the slaves though, women and elderly slaves were not welcomed. Dunmore wanted the...

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