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Tyrtytyety4 Essay

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Task 5

The interviews for the selection of the new manager have now been arranged. Ahmed has asked you to take part in the interviews, during which you must ask at least five questions you have prepared. You will need to take notes of the applicants responses. The interview panel will be Derrick Bailey, the Company Secretary, Ahmed and yourself.

Your task is to:
  * Take part in the interview of an applicant.
Your evidence will be:
  * A completed Witness Statement
  * Your notes from the interview

Task M2
Your task is to:
  * Produce a critical analysis of your performance in the selection interview for a new office manager. Your report should include feedback on your performance from the rest of the panel.

How effective was the conduct of the interview panel?
How well did the interview flow?
Were you dressed appropriately?
Did you present a professional image?
Did the interview panel manage to relax the interviewees?
What improvements could you make?
Did you and the panel greet the interviewees and put them at ease?
Did you introduce yourself?
Did the interview proceed in a logical manner? Did you ask questions in the correct sequence?
Could the layout of the tables and chairs be improved? Did your chosen layout keep the interview formal?
Did the environment make them feel comfortable?
Was the room quiet and free from interruptions?
Was the sun shining directly in candidates eyes?

Suitability of questions
Did the candidates give the type of answers you were expecting?
Did you get all of the information you needed in order to appoint the most suitable candidate?
Did the candidates understand all of the questions?
Was time allowed for questioning during the interview too short? Or too long? What impact would this have had?
Did you have to probe your candidate to get the depth of answer you required? If so, how could questions be rephrased to avoid this?


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