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Two Cultures Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Two Cultures

In society, rarely do the paths of scientists and humanitarians ever cross. Hence, there are very few who have been so bold to take on the two. One of those few people was C.P. Snow, who managed to become both a novelist as well as a scientist. For that reason alone he is respected by many, however, it is unquestionable that he is indeed best known for his influential 1956 Rede Lecture. A lecture he delivered at the Senate House in Cambridge titled “Two Cultures”. In this lecture he notably expressed what he recognized as a dangerously wide gap that had emerged between the culture of literary intellects and the culture of sciences. He claimed
The intellectual life of the whole western society is increasingly being         split into two polar groups. (Two Cultures, p.1)
Snow also reveals how this intellectual divide is a huge hindrance on solving the world’s problems. Moreover, he annotated the gulf between education and economic status.
Considering that Snow himself confronted both careers as he did, he was able to gather insight on both cultures. Thus, according to the statements made in Two Cultures, Snow believed that literary intellects are thought of to be by scientists’ pessimistic and lacking foresight. While on the other hand, scientists are viewed as shallowly optimistic and unaware of man’s condition by literary intellectuals (Two Cultures, p.2). This he said is destructive and is solely rested on misinterpretations. These misinterpretations cause hostility and dislike among the two.
Snow also claimed,
If the scientists have the future in their bones, then the traditional culture responds by wishing the future did not exist (Two Cultures, p.3).  
The traditional culture being, the literary intellects, he claimed have no regards for the future and so believe no cultured person needs to bother with science. Exemplifying his statements, Snow argued that while the literary intellects criticized scientists for not being knowledgeable...

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