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Two Black Political Ideologies Essay

  • Submitted by: raofrost
  • on March 26, 2014
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1) Compare and contrast two different black political ideologies. Clearly articulate the objectives and central propositions of each ideology, and be sure to identify at least two black political elites associated with each ideology. Select a contemporary political challenge facing African Americans and identify the divergent solutions that would be advocated by proponents of each ideology you have chosen to compare.

Since the early beginnings of racial discrimination whose snow-balling effects continue to distress African-Americans to this day, they have had to establish collective unity in the road to freedom. However, numerous African-American figures view many different roads to freedom, each having contested for dominance within the black community throughout black history. Two of these ideologies, Black Nationalism and Black Conservatism, are examples of these roads that, despite sharing the idea of black empowerment, contrast greatly on other ideas such as racial integration.
The political ideology of Black Conservatism focuses on African-American advancement through self-reliance. This idea of self-reliability suggests the belief that African-Americans are solely responsible for their success and, thus, contrasts with other Black ideologies that believe in extra assistance as compensation for historical oppression. Notable black politicians who follow these ideologies are Booker T. Washington and, more recently, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. For social progress within America, conservatives believe in fundamental principles of education as a means of advancement within the society, policies which promote safety and security within the community as opposed to claims of victimization of racism, and economic development through free enterprise rather than federal assistance (Faryna, Stetson, Conti, 1997). In other words, Black Conservatism does not place much emphasis on equality between whites and blacks. Instead, the ideology places more...

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