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Twenty Years Experienced of a Brother Who Lived in Essay

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  • on September 4, 2013
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Twenty years experienced of a brother who lived in United State of America

Nowadays, an increase number of people tend to go abroad. Living abroad could be a great challenges and difficulty. Its something some people would not do while some people would love to do for so many reason.i.e. Scholarship, Visa lottery, Visiting. However, its a huge challenges most especially if there is no family, friend around.
Its hard to begin a new life in a foreign country, their is a lot to learn and achieve on the way if there is focus, also help to be confident. America! A developed country, land of opportunity where you can become whatever you want to become with time and endurance. Where a brother and his family moved and started a new life, their life completely started for zero compare to the life they were living in their country. They have learned so many thing and never forget experience. They have live in USA for many years, a country develops many economy and education, they have learned many things in college but they don’t teach them how to live without their family and friends. Missing their family, friends and everything they left home, sometimes they feel isolated, frustrated, and lonely. Life at home is exiting than USA. If they have any problems, family and friends are there to assist them. One day they had a problem of whom is going watch over their children while they go to work, unfortunately, there is nobody to assist, so the mother has to called out in other for her to stay at home with the children. This really make them realized how valuables family is.  
Since they have lived in a place with different custom and tradition, they begin to face communication problem everyday also there is racial discrimination, foreigner are not easily accepted in some places, so there is possibility that racist may hurt them. For instance, in Africa there is nothing like financial aid from government for anybody to go to polytechnics or university still parents are...

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