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Twelfth Night Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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Joseph Lewis
Dr. Dugaw
Twelfth Night Presentation Paper
In our scene, we performed the most significant part of scene five, act one, in which Viola is revealed by Sebastian as a man in front of Orsino, Olivia and Antonio. I portrayed Sebastian, the most pivotal part of the scene, whom connects the fact that Cesario seems eerily similar to his sister, Viola. The role of Sebastian in this scene is to act as the relief to the mounting suspense, in terms of the buildup of Viola’s deception. This is the crux of the play and therefore initiates the climax of the plot. In terms of the interpretation, I contributed the idea of the overlying presence of homoeroticism present throughout the play. This culminates in this scene, particularly in our discussion question that delves into the question of why Orsino continues to call Viola a boy even after the jig is up. The costume ideas, while not entirely mine, reflects some points I made – that the fact that changing attire in one fashion could change the image of class, which we did with Eric playing both Antonio, a lower classman, and Orsino, a higher classman.
This presentation taught me a couple of things when it comes to both Twelfth Night and Shakespeare. The first thing I learned is that Shakespeare builds up suspense in comedies in a rather silly fashion, in contrast to his tragedies which build of suspense with a sense of dread and morbid foresight. For example, the love triangle premise of the play is really in the forefront of the scene we portrayed, as Viola, technically Cesario, Orsino, Olivia and Sebastian are all together and encounter the climax of the character’s deceptions coming to life. Accompanied with the lower class characters in the play, the comedy is quite humorous. Another thing I learned was the use of poetic verse present when noblemen are present, especially Viola’s dialect. As Sebastian, compared to Antonio the language is much more complex and presents Shakespeare’s illustration of class...

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