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Twelfth Night Essay

  • Submitted by: audbogue
  • on March 18, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Below is an essay on "Twelfth Night" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

All work should be typed (unless otherwise noted), model correct grammar/style (unless you are writing in dialect/using slang for character accuracy), be as detailed as possible (you want to show that you have read and thought about your novel), and preserve the context, spirit, and details of your original novel (unless otherwise noted). All textual evidence/quotations should be cited in MLA format.

Choose 1 component from each of the point categories below.

50 pts.: Written Component

- Pretend that you are the publicist for the film version of your novel. Write an interview dialogue wherein you introduce the film, discuss why certain actors were chosen to embody the characters, explain the main differences between the film and the novel, and elaborate on the particular challenges that the novel presented when translating it to the big screen. You should include simple interview questions to guide your publicist responses. Your dialogue should be equivalent to 3 detailed paragraphs of writing.

- Use a T-Chart to explore the differences between the novel and the film. In the left-hand column, include quotations that exemplify scenes in the novel that are drastically different from the film. For each quotation, offer a 1-paragraph explanation of how the scene translated to the big screen (pointing out what was changed (and speculate why it might have been changed), and comment on the effect of the change. You should have 3 quotations and 3 paragraph explanations in your T-Chart.

25 pts.: Visual Component

- Symbol Chart: Choose an important symbol from your novel. On a piece of construction paper, place a picture/collage of your symbol in the center. Then insert quotations (5 minimum) from the novel that reflect this symbol and its’ meaning. Include 1 typed paragraph about HOW the symbol is incorporated into the film (pointing out specific differences from the novel).

- Archetype Analysis: Identify a character in your novel who echoes the...

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