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Truancy Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on June 27, 2014
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      People around world acknowledge that truancy is one of the activities that occurred every year in public institution.   According to journal written by National Centre for School Engagement (2004), truancy is all about any unexcused absence from school. Besides, playing truant not only happen in education institution, in fact, the workers of a company are potentially involves in playing truant. Thus, we must find what are the factor contributing truancy, effects of truancy is and how to curb truancy problem from happen.

There are numerous factors that contribute students to play truant. News Straits Times (2012) states that lack of interest is one of the factor leads to truancy. Students easily get bored when teacher use same method every day. Poor social skills and lack of confidence are also factors that contribute to truancy (Hocking, 2008). Boredom, isolation and lack of friends may be pull factors that pull a learner off school. Pull factors are personal aspects within the learner, which may include shyness, a tendency to become easily distracted and perhaps an inability to make friends. The second major factor of truancy is family and community factor. This may include a parent who does not appreciate education (PEMIKIR, 2008). When parent does not give full support and appreciate the value of education, so do their children. Children will think that there are unnecessary to learn at school because of their parent did not care about it. Similarly, low of socio-economic status can also lead to truancy because, if the family has a financial problem, some of the children will feel burdened too (PEMIKIR, 2008). The last major factor of truancy is school and teachers. Here, subject taught was not of their interest. Students were force to take the subject just for the sake of getting to the next level (PEMIKIR, 2008). Furthermore, teachers are not prepared well to teach (International Journal of Arts and Commerce, 2012). Students will easily...

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