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Transportation Projects Sought Essay

  • Submitted by: butthead2
  • on March 1, 2014
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This is a graphic to show a survey to show what sort of projects in transportation that citizens want the government to work on. Its main claim is that the Americans want the federal government to pay most attention to the train system. It says that 56% of the people voted for this. According to this chart, over half the people in the survey would rather have the government work on trains than any other of the options, which were roads, buses, bike paths, and sidewalks. To show even more how trains are the primary choice, the graph and percentages are shown on a picture of a train.
The information is directly from a Hart Research Associates survey. In the source that I found about the survey, it says that “An overwhelming 80 percent believe it’s more important that a stimulus plan include efforts to repair existing highways and build public transit rather than build new highways.” (t4america.org). This 80% probably comes the people that voted for trains and the people that voted for buses combined. Trains is 56%, while buses is 21%.this total is 77%, so what other percentages are missing? Maybe one of these sources is wrong. Another thing about the graph that can be slightly misleading is that only 1,005 people were surveyed, but the subtitle says that “Americans want the federal government to pay more attention.” It implies that a majority of America wants this, but only a small percentage of people were interviewed. This can’t be used to represent America, it can only represent the group of people interviewed.

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