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Transitional Infant Care Hospital Essay

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Transitional Infant Care Hospital

Summary of the background and facts
  The Transitional Infant Care (TIC) Specialty Hospital was founded in the early 1980s with Dr. Ron David’s vision to care for premature and high risk infants in a non-traditional setting.   As a transitional care hospital for infants, TIC was the bridge between the neonatal intensive care units and home; where parents were educated in the care of their infants to facilitate the baby’s long term needs.   Recognizing that the traditional approach to neonatal intensive care did not provide the education or support to the family of the infants, his vision included a family-centered unit with the family assisting in the care of their infant alongside the nursing staff.   The veteran staff was selected from local neonatal intensive care units and was given decision making responsibilities in the care of the infants resulting in positive outcomes. These respected staff members were veterans from other NICU’s and provided a natural source of referrals from the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU’s) that they had previously been employed with.
As TIC grew they accepted sicker infants and enhanced its clinical services.   The clinician community acknowledged the significant difference TIC made in the lives of the families and patients while maintaining low costs and TIC soon became the “prototype for the care of medically fragile infants” (Gittell & Toth, 2000, p. 3).   A new executive director (later chief executive officer) Pamela Schanwald was secured and Nancy Kennedy, a registered nurse and a founding member, was promoted to clinical administrator in 1993.  
Initially, marketing efforts were minimal with TIC depending solely on referrals from clinicians who were personally familiar with the TIC physicians and staff.   In 1987 some effort was placed in reaching out to private pediatricians to increase referrals.   In 1994 a revised marketing proposal was identified and addressed referral...

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