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Transformational Leadership Essay

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Running head: Turkey: A Closer Look

Turkey: A Closer Look

Loretta Watson
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Turkey: A Closer Look

This paper will attempt to examine the customs, culture and language of Turkey by using examples of non-verbal communication and business etiquette. It will introduce to Turkey’s culture as compared to the United States.

Sullian and Decker (2001) define transformational leadership as “a leadership style focused on effecting revolutionary change in organizations through a commitment to the organization’s vision”. There are four major characteristics of transformational leadership. They idealize influence, inspire motivation, have an intellectual stimulation and has an individual consideration for it followers. (Nayab, 2010) This particular style of leadership changes the nature or scope of missions and visions of followers. “They tend to help followers look at the bigger picture and commit to the good of the organization even if it means setting their own goals aside.” (Robbins & Judge). Generally they get more leaders on board to become “moral agents” by changing the structure and revising the overall commitment to the organization.
While it is noted that the major characteristic of transformational leadership includes trust, admiration, loyalty and respect amongst followers through application of charismatic vision and behavior, it is equally important that they “lead by example”, share the risks with their followers, and emphasize values and reinforces them by symbolic actions as suggested by Nayab. The transformational leader also encourage the followers to be creative and become part of the overall culture. This is often done through having the followers review their roles to make sure that the are fulfilling it based on the shared end result there...

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