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Traditional Gender Roles and the Workplace Essay

  • Submitted by: ross1990
  • on August 29, 2013
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Traditional gender roles and the workplace

From the beginning of time, traditional gender roles have existed all around the world and they vary between cultures. But what is a traditional role? Traditional roles are behaviors, attitudes and values that society sets as appropriate or inappropriate for men and women and are transmitted from generation to generation (Wikipedia). Many of these roles are maintained over the years, but others are modified and adapted to current environment.

In most of the countries around the world years ago women had to stay at home, take care of kids and do the home chores (women were not allowed to work); while men were supposed to be working and earning money for the family, but this thinking have changed through the years. Nowadays women and men have more varied roles. In my country (Dominican Republic) the traditional roles of women are: to work, and when I say work it means women are able to work in areas that before were considered only for men like engineering, medicine, law, and political sciences. All this means that women have been inserted more in the workplace, a clear example of this is that the vice presidency of the Dominican Republic is occupied by a woman. Women also take care of children, do the home chores, do the cooking, drive a car, and much more. I think new opportunities have been opened for women, giving them more participation in society.

In Dominican society men are the head of the house, they work as hard as possible and make the family decisions. Actually men are trying to help women by taking care of the kids and doing housework because women also work. This reflects how much roles are changing. For example, in my family my aunt works as a teacher and she gets home later than her husband so while she arrives home he takes care of their three Children.

I can be an example of changing traditional roles. I am an industrial engineering student and 30 or 40 years ago there were no women graduating...

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