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Trade Essay

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What is trade?
Trade is a global international trend, which is an important component of the process of globalisation. However, if it wasn’t for trade we wouldn’t have all of these goods from other countries such as materials to make clothing’s. Trade is made up off two traders that are called ‘Bilateral’ and if there are more than two traders they are known as ‘Multilateral.’ Also, trade allows all businesses to grow and create more jobs by exporting items to other countries. And this allows us to have a taste of their culture/ country.

Describe Australia’s location in the Asia-Pacific region and the world
The location of Australia is in the southern hemisphere between latitudes 10° South and 44° South, and between longitudes 113° East and 154° East. Also Australia is the closest to these countries Indonesia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, which are all island nations or territories in the South-East Asian and Asia-Pacific regions and also Indonesia is Australia's largest near-neighbouring country and they both belongs to the Asia-Pacific and South-East Asian regions. Australia's second- and third-largest neighbours are Papua New Guinea and New Zealand; they are also referred to the Oceania region. However, Australia has developed a great bond between the Asia-Pacific region such as economic, social, technological and political links. On the other hand, the top part of Australia called Darwin has the advantages of getting more information from the Asia-Pacific since its closer to the Asia continent.

Describe the link you have chosen and identify the countries that Australia has this link with
Trade is made up of goods and services worldwide which benefits the associated economic growth and our benefits. A trade works when two or more countries buy goods and services and relies on other countries for exports. Australia trade most of their goods with these countries: North America, Europe and Asia....

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