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Touching the Void Essay

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  • on June 25, 2014
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Grit Guts and Determination are essential skill sets to deal with the challenges we face. Do you agree? Discuss how GGD are nessary in “Touching the Void”.
“Touching the Void” is an inspirational film about two mountaineers going on an adventure. They climb mountains that you would HAVE never dreamed of but one expedition they do can cause one of the mountaineers their life. They go through adventurous journeys, over the icy glaciers to the deep dark crevasses. They both show a lot of Grit, guts and determination.
One example from “touching the void” is at the beginning of the film, When the camera is taking shots of the mountains ahead. wHEN THE CAMERAMAN IS VIEWING this it gives you the impression that there is a dangerous journey ahead for them and there is a lot of danger involved. It also gives you the idea that both simon and joe are very courageous and outgoing and they have the courage to face the mountain and climb it.
Another example from “Touching the void” is when the music is played during the climb. It is haunting and evocative music. This gives you sense of the struggles to come and the expectations of trouble that is near.
During the film there is a lot of close ups of the men climbing, panoramic shots of the mountains and point of view shots of the men. All these give this movie effect and axillaration.
The most intersting one was when simon is entering the crevasse and deciding to go deeper in. The use of a long shot and mid level indicates where he is in the crevasse and is showing the risks deep down. By viewing only him and the darkness below gives you the sense of danger and the nothingness underneath. It makes you feel like joe is going into the middle of nowhere. This is a very dramatic scene in the film.
The happy and joyful music of Joe getting out of the crevasse with a badly broken leg shows the determination he had to go through to get where he was now to where he was before. It makes the audience feel happy, pleased and...

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