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Total Quality Management Essay

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School of Management

Blekinge Institute of Technology

A Test of the Effect of TQM on Performance and Stakeholder Satisfaction

Adediran Oluwatoyin & Adediran Oluseun

Supervisor: Anders Hederstierna

Thesis proposal for the Master’s degree in Business Administration Fall 2008



Total Quality Management: A Test of the Effect of TQM on the Performance and

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Author: Adediran Oluwatoyin & Adediran Oluseun

Supervisor: Anders Hederstierna

Department: School of Management, Blekinge Institute of Technology

Course: Master’s thesis in business administration, 15 credits (ECTS).

Background and Problem Discussion: The performance of TQM Airlines and Non TQM airlines is measured comparing statistically three major performance indicator Customer satisfaction, Employee satisfaction and Operational effectiveness. To establish a link between TQM and performance and showing the need for the adoption of total quality culture in the local airline sector of the Nigeria aviation industry.

Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to highlight the benefit of TQM implementation in the Nigerian Airline industry by examining the basic principles of TQM in the airlines. The impact of TQM implementation of the three performance indicator will be assessed.

Method: Quantitative and qualitative method. Primary data is collected from the airline companies by questionnaires and interview. Secondary data is gotten from articles, journals and online resources.

Theory: The theory section looks at different concepts of quality as defined and viewed by various authors. Also the benefits and hindrances of TQM implementation were reviewed.

Analysis: We have used a T-test hypothesis to measure the difference in means of TQM airline and Non-TQM airlines using the three performance indicator.

Conclusion: The research findings confirmed the benefits that ensue from the implementation of TQM. It...

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