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Tony Melendez Essay

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  • on September 2, 2013
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Tony was born without arms in 1962 as a result of his mother taking the prescription drug, Thalidimide. He was brought to the Los Angeles area from Nicaragua to be fitted with artificial arms. He wore them until he was ten, when he disposed of them. "I didn't feel comfortable," he explains, "I could use my feet so much more."

Tony Melendez is a native of Nicaragua. He was born over forty years ago without any arms as a result of his mother's prescription, Thalidimide.
Tony Melendez had a hard childhood; most children would start walking by holding on to tables and walls around them; Tony had nothing. It was even harder for him as a teenager. Here, Melendez is speaking about high school dances:
"Girls would take me on as a sympathy project, then just disappear. I didn't blame them. Who would want a boyfriend with no arms? It's not easy being a teenager. I went to my first dance without a date. Just as I thought, I ended up standing alone against the back wall of the gym. I remember feeling a little uncomfortable, wondering if I should ask someone to dance or if someone would eventually ask me."

Tony Meléndez (born 1962) is a Nicaraguan American guitar player, composer and singer and songwriter who was born without arms. This happened as a result   the prescription drug that his mom took, Thalidomide. He went to live to the United States because in Nicaragua there wasn’t the adequate medicine that he needed. When he was a child he didn’t realize that he was different but later at school when his classmates said: “ohh! That boy doesn’t have arms”, that hurt his heart.
He had to use artifial arms, but he only used them until he was 12, because they were uncomfortable. So he felt the urge to learn how to use his feet because they were his unique tools to do everything.

He has two sisters and a brother and his mother. His father died when he was young and now he is really grateful to him because his father left his place of birth so to take Tony to USA. He...

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