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Tok Essay Lz

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  • on February 27, 2014
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Knowledge is the set of stored information that we obtain through learning , experience or introspection. Knowledge originates in sensory perception , then passes understanding and finally get to the reason . Many times , in several areas of knowledge are theories that later proved incorrect , so are discarded. The objective of this paper is to consider knowledge issues that are generated when reading the statement in Natural Sciences and Human Sciences. As I have questions of knowledge :
What issues arise from the knowledge requirements in Natural Sciences degree?
What issues arise from the knowledge requirements of Humanities degree?
Lies are falsehoods or knowledge?

First consider the issues of knowledge generated in Natural Sciences to read the prescribed title .
The first issue of knowledge that may arise is :
What requirements need a theory to become law in Natural Sciences ?
This is a matter of knowledge that is very important in natural sciences and that through this question and its answer, the difference between a theory and a law clarifies the requirements you need to have a theory to become law presented . Knowledge of this is important because we must be clear between what is accepted as knowledge of what can be discarded. A theory is something that is based on a hypothesis that can be false and incorrect results , ie , is highly variable , whereas a law is something that is already proven and in which invariable results are obtained regardless of the situation , it is say , is unchanging and absolute , so that a theory must be tested and unchanging to become law . For example , the theory proposed by Charles Darwin on evolution can not become a law because you can not see and is highly variable depending on the situation, the number of species on Earth. On the other hand , Newton 's gravitational law has been accepted as a law that is absolute and unchanging , that is, no matter what situation is , whatever you have to climb down the gravity...

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