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Titanic and Social Class Essay

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  • on March 26, 2014
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Many texts have other underlying ideological meaning towards them. If we were to analyze the film Titanic by James Cameron, we could see the ideological meaning of class status. Class status is ones social economic standing. The Titanic has an obvious separation of Upper and Lower class citizens who have somehow found a way onto the greatest and largest ships in the world at its time. For some reason people of the upper class fall in love with the lower class just as Rose fell in love with Jack in the film. It could be because lower class citizens have better morals and are more appreciative of what they have as opposed to the upper class treating everything including people or relationships with others as materialistic objects. This is why Rose lost attracted to her fiancé and gained interest in Jack. When it comes to analyzing the film Titanic we can see how the movie portrays certain personality characteristics between the different classes, how the people are treated based on their class, and the difference in their surroundings. This film is a very good example and criticism of how our society is today. It shows the unfair treatment of people based on social class. It also shows how people can use money in order to get what they want and those that don't have money to do so remain at the lower end in society.
Although the Titanic was filmed and released recently in 1997, it was based on a tragic event that occurred in 1912. There are very few ideological similarities between society in the early 20th century and today in the 21st century, but the separation and treatment between class statuses has remained consistently the same. Those of the upper-class status tend to have more opportunities in life, more power, are very well mannered, higher intelligence, and live a more lavishing lifestyle. Those of the lower-class tend to be less mannered, treated poorly, and have a simplistic lifestyle. Society over all has kept this separation. In the film Titanic floors...

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