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Titanic Essay

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Who would have thought that buying a ticket aboard the Titanic would result in such a tragedy...

At age 19 I was looking to get away and make my escape from my life in Southampton. All I wanted was to escape the memories and it seemed as though getting aboard the RMS Titanic was the answer to my prayers. The Titanic was headed for America the land of dreams and also where my new life would begin.

After the devastating loss of my mother and father I had nobody left so I made the heart wrenching decision to buy my ticket aboard the Titanic. To leave my mother and father in what was our home was one of the most painful things I had ever done but nothing as painful as saying goodbye. The pain would be forever in my heart and forever in my soul. It was the time though to say my goodbyes and take that first step in beginning my new life. With all of my savings from working in the factories around Southampton I decided to buy my ticket aboard the Titanic but due to my lack of finances I was only able to purchase a third-class ticket. On the 10th of April 1912 I boarded the RMS Titanic in Southampton, England. The RMS Titanic was the most beautiful ship lacking nothing. There were swimming pools, concert halls and libraries aboard. With all of its shops and attractions the main deck was larger than the main street in my hometown of Southampton. The third class accommodation was beautiful much better than what I had anticipated.

After boarding the Titanic in Southampton, England we had two stopovers before sailing to New York they were Cherbourg, France and Queenstown, Ireland. We didn’t stay in these locations very long but long enough to observe the coastline of these wonderful countries. As more and more passengers filled the decks of the Titanic it was quite apparent that there were three classes among the people aboard.   They were mostly based upon our social status and how much money we had. But this didn’t bother me at all because as a third-class passenger...

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